TEKTRONIX Communications

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.Tektronix Communications dünyada sabit, mobil, tümleşik IP ve çoklu servis ağları için ağ tanılama ve servis güvencesi çözümlerinin bir paket etrafında servis sağlayıcıları ve donanım üreticileri için desteğini sağlar.

Grunge Brushes, Anyone?

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RAN Operation

Providing to availaties figures of network

Alarm handling

Trouble shoting of hardware,software,subscriber complaints and coverage problems

Warehouse and spareport management

Verification of the maintenance activities

Supervision of the implementation in the field

Repair and return


Asset management

Follows KPI's and statical reports

Maintenance of RAN

BTS,BSC,Transmission systems

Power system

AG and OG


Electronic maintenance

Alarm handling

Trouble shooting

Repair and return

Spare port management

RAN engineering and planning

TSS (technical site survey)

In building and outdoor BTS infrastructure design

Model tuning

RF cell planning

Traffic modelling

Capacity dimensioning

Line of site check

Frequency planning


-inconsistency/discrepancy analysis of RAN

-parameter tuning


-drive testing and analysis

-RF parameter palnning

Verification test of the new BTS,TRX and transmission system

EMF measurement